Structural assessment

SCS Ingegneria S.r.l. has a wide experience in the field of structural design, both in civil engineering and infrastructure, and in industrial engineering.

Over the years we have designed structures in compliance with specifications and standards, both national (building regulations – NTC 2008), and international as: Eurocodes (Eurocode 2, Eurocode 3, Eurocode 4, Eurocode 8), US standards (AISC360-05 / IBC2006 , AISC LRFD99, AISC LRFD93, AISC ASD01, AIS ASD99, ASCE 10-97, UBC-97 ASD, UBC 97-LRFD, ACI 318-08 / IBC2009, ACI 318-05 / IBC2003, ACI 318-02, ACI 318- 99, UBC 97), German standards (DIN).

Our projects regard materials and products for structural use, both traditional (reinforced concrete, pre-stressed reinforced concreteand steel), and innovative(SRG -Steel Reinforced Grout, SRP -Steel Reinforced Polymer, FRP -Fiber Reinforced Polymer, in particular GFRP – Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, CFRP – Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, AFRP – Aramid Fiber -Reinforced Polymer fibers recycled PET).
We have significant experience in the field of structural inspections of existing buildings and in seismic retrofitting design.

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