The structural analysis foresees the following activities:

  • Preliminary optimization activities for minimum weight designs and geometrical improvements of composite and metallic structural parts (like aircrafts wing sections) by means of PANDA program
  • Acquisition of CATIA drawings
  • Pre-processing phase – Numerical FE modeling of primary structures and secondary structural components and/or modification of the pre-existing FE models. The FE modeling is performed starting from 3D CATIA geometries, using ALTAIR Hyperworks and I-DEAS pre-processing tools.
  • Stress analysis of the structural meshed airframe parts and of the global structure. The numerical analyses are carried out with the assistance of the NASTRA elemental code NASTRAN (Nasa-Structural-Analysis). The most used solutions are:
    1. SOL 101 linear static analysis
    2. SOL 103 normal modes analysis
    3. SOL 145 flutter analysis
    4. SOL 105 buckling analysis
    5. SOL 106 non linear analysis
  • Post-processing phase. Results visualization and analysis by means of ALTAIR Hyperview and I-DEAS post-proccessing tools
  • Analysis of structural demands
  • Fatigue Life Evaluation by two different approaches:
    1. Damage Tolerance (Nasgrow and Afgrow programs are used)
    2. Safe Life (Miner’s cumulative damage approach)
  • FEM validation by Static and Fatigue tests
  • Certification Reports in according to JAR requirements for Civil Authority approval

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