Solar Projects

SCS Ingegneria S.r.l., thanks to long-term experience, is able to provide high-level design and related specialist services for Solar projects.

Our clients recognize our high-quality services, the dynamism of our professionals and the perfect compliance with the provided Technical Specifications and the International Standards.

Thanks to the presence of several teams each one devoted to a different discipline (Civil, Environmental, Electrical), SCS is able to approach client’s requests from different points of view, handling complex situations and more steps of the same project.

Solar projects or engineering services provided by SCS can be found in more than 20 countries all over the world: Italy, Greece, South Africa, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India, Australia…

SCS Ingegneria S.r.l. provides services that go from the Site Visit to better frame the site characteristics to Topo Surveys with GPS or drone, from Feasibility Study to the complete Design and Development of the Project.

Consolidated business relationships allow to support traditional engineering services with specialist studies (hydraulic, agronomic, geognostic).

For some time now, SCS has been handling Development of projects for the main Energy Companies worldwide but a goal for the future is to be able to develop for itself.

The team manages the whole process, from the identification of the site on which the plant shall be built, the contractualizations of the sales with the owners and going along with a series of activities of management and design aimed to the obtaining of the Authorization.

At the end of 2021, development activities can boast a total value of 600MW.

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